Reviews on Barbs Project
Antwerp Belgium 2007

The Dutch artist Riedstra's current work is concerned with a series of diptychs about human alienation from himself/herself and nature.
Dealing with the humanity's feelings of self-doubt, Riedstra's work points to the increasing tendency of people to escape into a world of emo-television as a substitute for real human interactions.

The artist feels that the media increasingly manipulate human core emotions such as fear.
As a result people tend to take flight into a world of consumerism to comfort themselves. The focal point is human alienation and human emotional experience within today's media/computer dominated world.

The artist has been influenced by artists such as Mark Rothko and particularly by Michelangelo's frescoes of the Sixtine Chapel.
Riedstra has studied applied arts in Tel Aviv and Den Haag, as well as at Central St Martins, London and completed an M.A. in scenographic studies in Seville, Spain.

Text : Gallerist Yara Tschallener - Red Gate Gallery - London England

London England 2008

Riedstra's oeuvre is provocative and challenging. She seduces us into experiencing an authentic view of everyday life in a subtle yet expressive way.
Riedstra conjures up inspiring and emotional experierences that are all about life itself.
The artist lives and works in The Hague - Netherlands

Text: Jan van der Linden - Inno Strategics - Etten Leur Netherlands>

> Barbs Project international Fashionweek 2008

BARBS' are about women (specially) who are strongly influenced by an unrealistic concept about beauty, created by the media and the cosmetic industry.
In these paintings I show the estrangement that happens when loosing oneself in this bizarre concept.

Text : Sunny Bergman - Filmmaker Netherlands