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No I mixed media on indian cotton paper 100x70 cm 2016 (triptych)

Project Silver Maple Ballroom 2016

This project is about manipulation, mental and verbal. I think right now you will find this phenomenon everywhere.
Whether we talk about the Trumps of our time, or Google with his manipulative data searches, or manipulation that is brutally used within religion.
To me it looks like ordinary people all over are deluded by overpowering loud rude speeches, manipulative internet data, the power of media, without asking themselves what they might feel or think.  
It seems as if as an integer person that is civilized, thinks, analyses, educates him or herself, is powerless by this short-sighted and self-centred behaviour.

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2016 - 2017
# Project Silver Maple Ballroom (works on paper)
This project is about manipulation, verbal and mental manipulation,
Quite common these days!

# Project Tink Tanks ( facing a future ) Video
er expressions behind the faces of ordinary peoples (gouaches)

# Photo Video Project Debris (photographs still lifes)
The context is undone the image gets a meaning in itself

2015 . 2016
# Murmurs & Babbles ( Landscapes )
What are the elements that make art contemporary art?
(works on paper)

# Project Zapp Notes
Zapp Notes refer to this place and time we live in (works on paper)

# Project Nameless Peoples Video
Refugees as part of anonymous numerous groups (works on paper)

2012 . 2014
# Project Every Day A Drawing
This project is related to the Renaissance period (works on paper)
# Selection drawings and paintings

Former Art Projects
BarBs (paintings)
# Challinging Nature (paintings)
# Such A Pretty Thing (paintings)

# RiedstraTetovo City Museum | International Biannual
‘Understanding the suffering of the refugees’ Macedonia
October untill December 2016

Reviews Riedstra | Kunstkrant.nl - Text, video and photo's: Riedstra
# 'See How The Land Lays' | Huis Huguetan The Hague
untill 27 - 2 - 2017, Lange Voorhout 34, The Hague, Netherlands



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